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Q: What software do I need to install in order to view the tax maps and parcel owner lists?

The tax maps are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). See the Home Page for links to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The parcel owner lists are provided in PDF format.

Q: How do I make all the Select & Zoom tools in Acrobat Reader appear in the web browser window?

Open the Acrobat Reader application. Select Edit > Preferences. In the Categories window on left hand side of window select ‘Internet’. On the right hand side of the window there will be three checkboxes. Uncheck “Display in Read Mode by default”.

Additional steps for Firefox and Chrome users see link for additional instructions:http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/pdf-browser-plugin-configuration.html

Open up a tax map from the website. Right click on the light grey bar at top of window that contains all the Acrobat Reader tools. Navigate down to ‘Select & Zoom’. The fly out menu will appear and on that menu select ‘Show all Select & Zoom Tools’.

Q: How do I print just the current view from a PDF via the web browser?

Click the Print button. Under the section ‘Pages to Print’ choose ‘More Options’. Click the radio button that reads ‘Current View’.

Under the section ‘Page Sizing & Handling’ select the radio button that reads ‘Fit’ to fit the entire current view on the paper size you have selected to print. If you wish to print the map to its native scale use select the radio button that reads ‘Actual Size’.

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